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Our core business is to supply hospitals
with state of the art medical devices and equipment such as Linear Accelerators, Dialysis machines, ECG machines, portable wound care machines, and also state of the art masks for protection against SARS, H1N1, MERS, etc.

In an effort to continuously source better value added products for the Malaysian public, we pursued to work on understanding the issue of Electrosmog pollution and its effect on public health. Electrosmog the 4th type of environmental pollution it is being investigated for health issues ranging from cancer to severe migraine. Legislation against Electrosmog pollution has existed as early as in the late 1990’s. Countries that value high standards of living and healthy lifestyle, such as the EU countries have adopted stringent criteria to safe guard public health and maintain high living standards.

Mankind have come to rely heavily on electronics devices for communication, transportation, business, etc. However, studies show that electronics equipment/devices emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) that can be hazardous to humans with prolonged exposure.

In view of this, we saw the need for Anti-Radiation products for personal protection and the protection of our family until experts have the answer.

To protect against the unseen hazard of EMR,
we have a wide range of anti-radiation products that can ABSORB the hazardous radiation. This patented technology and product also comes with a SIRIM report and other 3rd party (ISO 17025 accredited) laboratory reports.

Our latest Anti-Radiation products include Anti-radiation Coating for painting on residential / commercial premises, anti-radiation cards that can be carried by the consumer, anti-radiation Uniforms for personal protection and anti-radiation hand phone cover/skins.

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