Shielding Method

RF reflectors & RF absorbers

There are two main categories of shielding materials that can be used:

An RF reflector will cause the majority of the signal to bounce off, somewhat like a mirror reflects light. It can have very high shielding performance, and in general should be grounded for peak efficiency. Downside: If used on more walls, it will reflect back… increasing the amount of RF.

An RF absorber will absorb the majority of the signal, with very little reflection. The energy absorbed is released as a tiny, almost immeasurable amount of heat. Our Anti-EMR Coating doesn’t require grounding. Downside: Absorption material can be expensive as it is considered as a RAM (Radiation Absorbing Material).

Although both shielding methods are not 100% effective, for purpose of personal protection a shielding of 99%, or 20dB would be sufficient in most commercial considerations.

About RAM’s – Radar Absorbing Material
Radiation Absorbing Materials (RAMs) are used in applications where by the preferred method of EM radiation shielding is through absorption, rather than reflection. For example, RAMs are sometimes used in coatings for cables, antennas, or other devices to shield these devices from noise which would otherwise result from the reflection of EM radiation. Another particularly advantageous application for RAM coatings is on vehicles such as airplanes to make them less susceptible to detection by radar. One such plane is the Stealth spy plane.

RAM’s are composed of carbon and certain iron compounds, or salt-related polymers. The absorption properties of RAM coatings are typically the result of ferrites inside the material. These ferrites have high magnetic permeability.

The compounds in the RAM Coating/material have the ability to take the energy from a radar wave and convert it to heat. This heat is then dissipated.

RAM Coatings are typically used for military technology, like as the coating on the Stealth plane. It is typically also very expensivematerial that is only affordable to the military and is never sold for civilian use.


Commercial grade RAM – For Civilian protection
The PMA water based Anti EMF Coating is similar to the RAM Coating and is patented. It is made of special grade ferrites, rare earth elements and proprietary material that are strong enough to absorb over a wide frequency range. The absorbed energy is converted to heat.

It is the first commercially available RAM coating that has been approved for civilian use and has the advantage of also being economically viable for consumers.

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